Protip Biswas

Part-Time Lecturer, School of City & Regional Planning

Architecture-East Building, 204-N

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Specialization Area: Housing and Community Development

In addition to serving as a part-time lecturer for the School of City & Regional Planning, Protip serves as Vice President, Homelessness at the United Way of Greater Atlanta. He provides staff leadership to the Regional Commission on Homelessness (RCOH) which ensures coordination and implementation of the strategies to end homelessness in the region. The RCOH team has been the catalyst in creating over 3000 units of supportive housing, creating 1500 jobs for homeless persons, reunified over 10,000 persons and raised over $100 million for homeless projects. RCOH has been successful in providing leadership and guidance resulting in a 60% reduction in unsheltered homeless and a 70% reduction in veteran homelessness since 2011.

He is also involved in planning and implementation of place based strategies in the community. The increase in poverty in the suburbs and the lack of mobility makes these efforts critical.

His research interests include community development, affordable housing, social capital, community building and neighborhood economic development. His interests build on his decade long experience with organizations in neighborhoods in Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina and national housing intermediaries in Georgia.

He has a graduate degree in architecture from University of Cincinnati and another in construction management from SPA, Delhi, India. He also completed his coursework for his doctoral studies in Urban Planning at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  He is also a faculty for NeighborWorks in the affordable housing track.