Doctoral Dissertations

For a list of Ph.D. alumni, their dissertations, websites, and current positions, please visit our Ph.D. alumni page.


Doyle, Jessica. “What Metropolitan-Level Factors Affect Latino-Owned Business Performance?”  2018. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Hylton, Peter. “Electronic Retail Effects on Airports and Regional Development”  2018. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Lee, Yongsung. “Will Millenials Stay in Cities and Travel Without Cars?: Understanding Heterogeneity in Modality Styles and Residential Preferences within and across Millennials and Members of Generation X” 2018. Supervised by Professor Subhrajit Guhathakurta.


Douthat, Thomas. “Adaptive Efficiency in Coffee Clusters: Resilience through Agglomeration, Global Value Chains, Social Networks, and Institutions.”  2017. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

Habeeb, Dana. "Exploring Urban Agriculture as a Climate Change Mitigation Strategy at the Neighborhood Scale." 2017. Supervised by Professor Brian Stone.

Raymond, Elora. "The Impact of Racial Segregation, Income Sorting and Risk-Based Mortgage Pricing on Housing Wealth Inequality: A Comparison Between Urban Regions in the United States." 2017. Supervised by Professor Dan Immergluck.

Zhang, Wenwen. "The Interactions between Land Use and Transportation in the Era of Shared Autonomous Vehicle: A Discrete Simulation Model." 2017.  Supervised by Professor Subhrajit Guhathakurta.


Lee, Sang Won. "Metropolitan Housing Market Restructuring and Implications for Poverty Deconcentration: The Effects of Foreclosures on the Spatial Distribution of Housing Choice Voucher Residencies." 2016. Supervised by Professor Dan Immergluck.

Rao, Arthi Vijayanagara. "Landscape anthropometrics: A multi-scale approach to integrating health into the regional landscape." 2016. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Wang, Kyungsoon. "The Characteristics of Resilient Neighborhood Housing Markets During and After the U.S. Housing Crisis." 2016. Supervised by Professor Dan Immergluck. 


White, Raymond. "The Rise of Economic Development Overlay Districts in Response to Industrial Land Loss: Insights from Survey and Case Study Research." 2015. Supervised by Professor Nancey Green Leigh.


Faga, Barbara. "Formers versus Zoners: How and Why Communities Shift to Form-based Zoning." 2014. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Gim, Tae Hyoung. "Utility-Based Approaches to Understanding the Effects of Urban Compactness on Travel Behavior: A case of Seoul, Korea." 2014. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

Park, Jeong-Il. "Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Local Economic Development: Spatial Patterns of Manufacturing Foreign Direct Investment and Its Impacts on Middle Class Earnings." 2014. Supervised by Professor Nancey Green Leigh.

Song, Ge. "Polycentric Development and Transport Network in China’s Megaregions." 2014. Supervised by Assistant Professor Jaiwen Yang and Professor Steven P. French. 


Carpenter, Ann. "Resilience in the Social and Physical Realms: Lessons from the Gulf Coast." 2013. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

GimTae-Hyoung. "Utility-based Approaches to Understanding the Effects of Urban Compactness of Travel Behavior: A Case Study of Seoul, Korea." 2013. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

Keysar, Elizabeth. "Implementing Sustainability in Large Public Organizations: Impacts of Bureaucracy." 2013. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

Lee, Yung Sang. "The Impact of High-leverage Home Loans on Racial/Ethnic Segregation Among Homebuyers in the Mortgage Boom." 2013. Supervised by Professor Dan Immergluck.


ChoiTaelim. "Economic and Environmental Input-Output Modeling: Building Material Recycling." 2012. Supervised by Professor Nancey Green Leigh.

Lee, Dalbyul. "The Impact of Natural Disasters on Neighborhood Change: Longitudinal Data Analysis." 2012. Supervised by Professor Steven French.

Sundquist, Eric. "Reducing Vehicle-Miles Traveled: An Argument for Land Use as a Policy Lever." 2012. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Vargo, Jason. "Planning for the New Urban Climate: Interactions of Local Environmental Planning and Regional Extreme Heat." 2012. Supervised by Professor Brian Stone.


Ning Ai. "Challenges of Sustainable Urban Planning: the Case of Municipal Solid Waste Management," 2011. Supervised by Professors Nancy Green Leigh and Steven P. French.