Catherine Ross lecturing the PhD Seminar course.

Doctoral Dissertations

Doctoral Dissertations

The following doctoral dissertations were completed in the last five years. For a complete archive, please visit our Ph.D. Alumni page or the SmarTech collection hosted by the Georgia Tech Library.

Kraft, Benjamin. “The Role of Relational Agents in Regional Economic Evolution and Resilience: The Case of Robotics Systems Integrators”  2020. Supervised by Professor Nancey Green Leigh.

Widita, Alyas Abibawa. “Travel behavior dynamics from a longitudinal perspective in Indonesia”  2020. Supervised by Assistant Professor Timothy Welch.

Barchers, Camille. “Serious Potential of Fun Games”  2019. Supervised by Professor Steven P. French.

Fisch, Jessica. “Does Green Infrastructure Promote Equitable Development? The Mediating Role of Social Capital in Shaping Outcomes”  2019. Supervised by Associate Professor Michael Elliott.

Lanza, Kevin. “Red Hot American Summer: Extreme Heat and Physical Activity of Adults”  2019. Supervised by Professor Brian Stone, Jr.

Mallen, Evan Sheppard. “A Methodological Assessment of Extreme Heat Mortality Modeling and Heat Vulnerability Mapping in Atlanta, Detroit, and Phoenix” 2019. Supervised by Professor Brian Stone, Jr.

Doyle, Jessica. “What Metropolitan-Level Factors Affect Latino-Owned Business Performance?”  2018. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Hylton, Peter. “Electronic Retail Effects on Airports and Regional Development”  2018. Supervised by Professor Catherine Ross.

Lee, Yongsung. “Will Millennials Stay in Cities and Travel Without Cars?: Understanding Heterogeneity in Modality Styles and Residential Preferences within and across Millennials and Members of Generation X” 2018. Supervised by Professor Subhrajit Guhathakurta.


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