Graduate Certificates

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Graduate students in City and Regional Planning can choose to participate in one of the three graduate certificate programs: Historic Preservation in cooperation with Georgia State University, Remote Sensing in cooperation with Georgia Tech's School of Earth and Atmospheric Science, and Geographic Information Systems managed out of the School of City and Regional Planning.

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems

The Certificate in Geographic Information Systems is open to both MCRP students and students from other programs. The certificate is structured around three sets of courses, including a foundational course in GIS, two skills related courses, and one policy context course. For City and Regional Planning graduate students, coursework for this certificate can be counted toward the MCRP or PhD degree. The certificate can be received without taking more than the 55 credits required for the MCRP degree by counting certificate courses as electives in your MCRP program of study. Students may obtain additional information about the program from the School of City Regional Planning at Georgia Tech.

Curriculum for GIS Certificate

1. Foundation Course (3 credit hours): CP 6521 Advanced GIS

2. Two skills courses drawn from the following list (6 credit hours):

CP 6531 Introduction to Remote Sensing
CP 6541 Environmental Analysis Using GIS
CP 6542 Transportation and GIS
CP 6570 Socioeconomic GIS

3. One policy context course drawn from the following list (3 credit hours):

CP 6112 Introduction to Land Use
CP 6213 Urban Environmental Planning and Design 
CP 6311 Introduction to Transportation Planning 
CP 6412 Local Economic Development Planning and Policy 
CP 6611 Principles of Real Estate Finance and Development
CP 6832 Introduction to Urban Design

GIS Certificate Completion Form

Please fill out the certificate completion form when you have completed the requirements. You must complete the form in order to receive the certificate. 

Do not fill out this form unless you have completed all of the requirements for the GIS certificate. If you are interested in receiving more information about the certificate or GIS at Georgia Tech, please contact Johnnie Sawyer at



Certificate in Heritage Preservation

MCRP students in good standing may cross-enroll at Georgia State University to earn a certificate in heritage preservation with an emphasis on historic preservation. Through the cross-enrollment program students can avoid the additional admission process and cost. Upon completion of additional GSU coursework, students earn the MCRP degree from Georgia Tech and a certificate in heritage preservation from Georgia State University. Specific requirements are described in the GSU Graduate Catalog for the College of Arts and Sciences and on the GSU Heritage Preservation homepage. Coursework may be counted toward the MCRP degree, so the certificate can be received without taking more than the 55 credit hours required for the MCRP. Please visit the links for more information.


Certificate in Remote Sensing

Remote sensing refers to a means of investigating the properties of a target using measurements made at some distance from the target. Applications range from astronomy and environmental applications to medical radiography and automotive collision avoidance radars, as well as security-enhancing sensors. In the last three decades, sensing of the Earth and its atmosphere has substantially increased because of climate change and global pollution concerns and because of the need for measurements to support the increasingly sophisticated weather and earthquake forecasting and oil and gas surveying capabilities.

The primary administration of the certificate is through Dr. Irina Sokolik of the Georgia Tech School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. You can find out more, including the course requirements, by following this link to the detailed description in the Georgia Tech catalog.