Student creating chalk crosswalk for PARKing Day

Student Research & Work

Student Research & Work

Our students tackle several real-world issues as they navigate through their academic curriculum. Each degree program has a final capstone requirement.

The MCRP degree requires that students research and write either a master’s thesis or an applied research paper, alongside completing a studio course. The MS-GIST degree requires a final capstone project. The Ph.D. requires a dissertation.

You can explore the research and practice-anchored work of our students below.

Explore Student Research & Work

MCRP Studios

Explore the real world experience MCRP students obtain in studios.

MCRP Papers

Read past student applied research papers and theses.

MS-GIST Capstone Projects

Discover the conclusions spatial projects support.

Doctoral Dissertations

Access the library of past dissertations.


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