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Eco Urban Lab

Eco Urban Lab

The Eco Urban Lab is part of the School of City and Regional Planning and collaborates with Tongji University.

Why are we unique?

At the Eco Urban Lab, we apply design and analytical skills to understand the city in its full orchestration of systems. We study and model energy, water, and human flows in urban environments.

We think of urban environments as more than arrangements of physical elements. Increasingly, architects, urban designers, engineers, and planners are converging on a view of the city as a complex conglomeration of networks and reframing the challenge of how best to organize them.

We aim to achieve innovations in urban analysis (e.g. in ecological sustainability, resiliency, energy usage, and data management) and urban systems design.

Perry Yang

Who are we?

The Eco Urban Lab is led by Associate Professor Perry Yang in collaboration with Tongji University. Our projects take place in major Asian cities and focus on leveraging innovations in smart city technology.

What do we do?

The Eco Urban Lab leads and collaborates in research functions relating to urban systems and in real-world urban design projects. Members of the lab have contributed to studies on urban health impacts, alternative methods for energy production, and net-zero energy systems, among others. Most recently, the Eco Urban Lab has been invited to participate in an urban farming project in Atlanta with researchers from Georgia Tech’s Department of Environmental Engineering.

Our main collaborators include researchers and partners from Georgia Tech’s College of Design, other departments across Georgia Tech, Tongji University, and the Global Carbon Project’s Tsukuba International Office. The GCP’s Tsukuba International Office is our primary partner for urban design studios in the Tokyo area. International urban design studios are headed by Dr. Perry Yang and taught under the School of City & Regional Planning. Click below to view lab and studio-based projects.

Our Work

Recent Lab Projects​

Recent Studio Projects


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