Student presenting MS-GIST final capstone project.

MS-GIST Capstone Projects

MS-GIST Capstone Projects

MS-GIST students complete capstone projects each year. These projects center around a topic chosen by the student and are their final project before graduation.

The following capstones were completed in the last five years. For a complete archive, please visit the SmarTech collection hosted by the Georgia Tech Library.

MS-GIST Capstone Project Archive

Bennett, Chase. "Urban Development Site Suitability Application." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Day, Dominic. "Predicting the Past: A model to Locate Archaelogical Resources, Inform Planning, and Enrich the Future of the Atlanta Region." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Alistia-Foote, Nathan. "Effects of Urban Storm Water Runoff on the Natural Environment, Effects of the Natural Environment upon People, and Greenspace Solutions to Remediate Potential Flooding in the Proctor Creek Watershed: The Case of Proctor Creek Watershed, and the Designation of a Partial Greenway Multipurpose Corridor Between Midtown and Downtown." Supervised by William J. Drummond.  

Blaut, Avraham. "Ethnic Communities and Economic Sustainability." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Huang, Xiao. "A Future Energy Harvesting Scenario for Georgia Tech Campus Using Photovoltaic Solar Panels and Piezoelectric Materials." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Italiano, Anne. "Habitat Suitability for the Frosted Flatwoods Salamander in Florida." Supervised by William J. Drummond. 

Lietz, Chelsea. "Using SLAMM to Better Understand Sea Level Rise on the Francis Marion National Forest." Supervised by William J. Drummond

Main, Eric. "Using GIS and Python for Assessment and Prioritization of Potential Transit Projects."Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Perez, Amy. "Renewable Energy Alternatives for the Honouliuli Wastewater Treatment Plant, a GIS Suitability Analysis." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Rao, Arthi. "Supporting Cancer Prevention Strategies Using Geospatial Analysis on HRSA Data." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Teate, Patrick. "Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority: A Simplified Topological Design for MARTA Bus Lines." Supervised by William J. Drummond.  

Bustos, Guillermo."Smart Cities and City Services; Integrating GIS for Resource and Operations Management." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Brooks, Michelle. "Using GIS to Identify Livable Communities for Aging Populations in Atlanta, GA." Supervised by William J. Drummond. 

Milner, Brian. "A Standardized Geodatabase Form for Cultural Resource Management." Supervised by William J. Drummond.

Wang, Binyu. "Predict Near-Furture Car Accidents Location." Supervised by William J. Drummond.


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