Dual Degree Programs


The School of City and Regional Planning offers several dual-degree programs pairing the Master of City and Regional Planning with allied professional studies. By enrolling in a dual degree program, students are able to obtain two degrees in less time than it would take if the student were pursuing the degrees separately. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of the program of study. Dual degrees position graduates to tackle urban and regional policy problems while benefiting from a multidisciplinary perspective, and to be competitive for work settings that traditionally involve professionals from multiple fields.



Student's architectural model

MCRP + M.Arch (with the School of Architecture)

The dual Master of Architecture and Master of City and Regional Planning degree seeks to educate those who wish to engage directly in the process of city building. The program is intended to meet the needs of planning agencies, consultants, institutions, and architectural firms for graduates who can deal competently with the design complexities of urban areas.



Planning faculty in a meeting


MCRP + MS/PP (with the School of Public Policy)

The objective of the dual degree program in City and Regional Planning and Public Policy is to provide an education and research experience to those students wishing to work in urban, environmental, and/or economic development policy analysis at the national, state, and local level.



City Planning students biking on the BeltLine

MCRP + MS/CE (with the School of Civil Engineering)

This dual degree program is to meet the need of planning agencies and transportation departments for people who combine competence in city and regional planning and transportation engineering. The program consists of course work in city planning, transportation engineering, mathematical and experimental statistics, principles of digital computers, and operations research. It is administered jointly by the School of City and Regional Planning and the School of Civil Engineering.



Georgia State College of Law Building

MCRP + Juris Doctor (with Georgia State University)

This dual Georgia Tech Master of City & Regional Planning and Georgia State University Juris Doctor degree program broadens the intellectual horizons of both Georgia State University College of Law and the Georgia Institute of Technology College of Architecture by facilitating interdisciplinary study. The program supports the interest of students who wish to pursue study in the field of both law and urban planning.