School of City and Regional Planning Partners With WUC

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Wes McRae | Mar 2, 2023 — Atlanta, GA

The School of City and Regional Planning (SCaRP) has entered a partnership with the World Urban Campaign to promote healthy, green, inclusive urban change.

Becoming a World Urban Campaign (WUC) partner amplifies the impact of SCaRP's urban research on a global scale. "Partnership in the WUC gives SCaRP access to the top policy makers at UN-Habitat," said Bruce Stiftel, professor emeritus of the School.

The United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat) is the UN focal point for sustainable urbanization and human settlements.

"This offers the prospect that our research will move the needle on international efforts for sustainable development, and that our teaching will align with the best global efforts.”

UN-Habitat coordinates WUC to help achieve the urban dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 

Georgia Institute of Technology President Ángel Cabrera has charged leaders and units throughout Tech with promoting, implementing, and advancing the 17 SDGs.

To achieve the SDGs, the WUC promotes a set of ten principles defined by The City We Need.

The City We Need

  1. is healthy and promotes well-being;
  2. is free from violence and fosters a culture of peace;
  3. is resilient, low-carbon, and adapts to climate change;
  4. is inclusive and promotes gender equality;
  5. is economically vibrant and provides opportunities for all;
  6. has a strong sense of place and has room for diverse identities;
  7. is managed through public participation and democratically governed;
  8. fosters comprehensive and integrated planning and development;
  9. ensures access to housing, services, and mobility; and
  10. learns and innovates.

WUC asks partners to provide an overview of activities planned in the framework of the partnership. "Our activities to support the WUC are the key things we do to promote sustainability globally," Stiftel said.

"These include our academic programs — the Sustainable Cities Minor, the MS in Global Development, and the Master of City and Regional Planning degree program — and our research advancing sustainable transportation, climate action, economic development, and affordable housing."


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