Partnerships with Tongji University

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Tongji University & Georgia Tech Exchange Program

The Tongji University - Georgia Tech Exchange Program prepares M.Arch and MCRP students for global practice by enabling them to earn an additional master's degree upon completing two semesters at the host institution. Georgia Tech MCRP students earn a Master of Urban Planning degree from Tongji University. In exchange, M.Arch and MUP students from Tongji University earn the Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD) from Georgia Tech. Students participating in this program pay in-State tuition rates during the year of the exchange. Tongji University’s School of Architecture and Planning has been ranked as the top university in China.


International Urban Design Workshop

Students and faculty visit various world cities to conduct urban design workshops in cooperation with urban design, architecture and planning schools abroad. The first series of these workshops is being conducted in Shanghai in cooperation with Tongji University. The first workshop, focusing on urban design retrofit strategies for Pudong, involved 15 Georgia Tech graduate students and 15 Tongji students working on a two-week charrette in Shanghai. The 2010 Workshop focused on the new high-speed train hub in Shanghai with 15 Georgia Tech students and 10 Tongji students. The group also spent an additional week in Beijing. Students normally earn six elective credits for the workshop and a companion course.


Eco Urban Lab

The radical transformation of cities and prompting urban energy issues in China are creating unprecedented urban forms and functions that lead to unpredictable environmental consequences and impact on global climate change. Asian cities like Shanghai would provide enormous opportunities for developing cutting-edge research on sustainable urban design models. The Joint Laboratory of Ecological Urban Design takes cities in China and the U.S. as “urban laboratories” for nurturing novel design methods and new technologies for ecological urban systems. It focuses on design, simulation and performance assessment of low energy, renewable and resilient urban systems.

The Eco Urban Lab is located at both the Georgia Tech College of Architecture and the College of Architecture and Urban Planning at Tongji University. It’s a real time and simultaneous operation for faculty and students from both Universities and collaborators from the world to conduct joint research, joint seminars, and joint studios.