Specialization: Housing and Community Development

The housing and community development specialization’s central goal is providing students with the knowledge and skills to guide the housing, community, and real estate development activities of public, private, and/or nonprofit institutions. Graduates pursue careers in all three sectors, and, because contemporary development frequently involves multiple sectors, understanding how the differing perspectives of each sector shape their approaches to development is essential.

A second aim of the specialization is to focus the acquisition of knowledge and skills on urban and suburban real estate development and infill, in both the residential and commercial sectors. This is where much and perhaps most future development will take place over the next generation.

The specialization prepares students for careers in housing, community, and real estate development occupations with planning and/or development authorities, public housing authorities, local land banks, and state housing or development authorities. Private sector careers include real estate research firms, private development companies, financial institutions, and development consortia. Nonprofit sector careers include nonprofit developers, community-based community development corporations, development intermediaries, and technical assistance providers.

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