Tony Giarrusso, AICP


Senior Research Scientist, Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization
Associate Director, Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization

(404) 894-0127


Tony Giarrusso is Associate Director of the Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization at the  Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Ga. His teaching, research, and consulting activities focus on GIS-based planning solutions for land conservation, public health, alternative energy, coastal and marine resources, and environmental protection. Over the past twelve years, Mr. Giarrusso has been Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator on more than 25 research projects. His research sponsors have included the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the State of Georgia (DNR and DHR), The Nature Conservancy, The Trust for Public Land, Morehouse School of Medicine, The Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund International, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Atlanta BeltLine Inc., and the City of Atlanta. 

Apart from his research activities, he has been an instructor at Georgia Tech for the last eleven years, teaching introductory GIS courses at both the graduate and undergradute level.

Mr. Giarrusso served as a rural aquaculture extension agent with the Peace Corps in Burundi, Gabon, and Zambia, Africa from 1993-1998. 

Educational Background

1992 - B.S. Biology, Georgia State University

2000 - Master of City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology


Geographic Information System Applications

Natural Resource and Environmental Planning

Non-Profit Decision Support

Parks and Recreation

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) serve as a tremendous yet underutilized resource in many academic and professional fields. The capacity to effectively and efficiently create, manage, analyze, visualize and disseminate large amounts of spatial data should not be underestimated. It is our duty as GIS researchers at Georgia Tech to develop and circulate GIS based tools and information across multiple disciplines. I intend to continue my generalist approach, providing GIS-based decision support to various research domains,  ranging from renewable energy to public health to natural resource planning.

Research Groups/Labs

Center for Spatial Planning Analytics and Visualization

Recent Publications

Matthew D. Falb, MHS, Dafna Kanny, PhD, Kenneth E. Powell, MD, Anthony J. Giarrusso, MCP, 2007, “Estimating the Proportion of Children Who Can Walk to School” in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Vol. 33(4), pp. 269-275.

“Combating Urban Sprawl”, Environmental Systems Research Institute, ArcUser, Winter 2003

Recent Funded Projects

2009, Principal Investigator, GIT Strategic Energy Institute’s Creating Energy Options Grant, “Biomass Resource Information and Routing System (BRIARS)”

2009, Co-Principal Investigator - Southeastern Alliance for Clean Energy – “Georgia Offshore Renewable Energy Potential–Spatial Planning” 

2009, Co-Principal Investigator - Chevron- “Evaluating Biomass and Feedstock Potential in the Southeast United States”

2008, Co-Principal Investigator - Morehouse School of Medicine - “Integrating Medical and Laboratory Information Systems for Discovering and Analyzing Risk Factors for Resistant Bacterial Infection in Metro Atlanta”  

2008, Pricipal Investigator - Georgia Department of Natural Resources - “Alternatives to Coastal Development Guidebook”

2007, Principal Investigator - The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation - “Decision Support for the Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation” 

2007, Principal Investigator - Atlanta Development Authority - “BeltLine Mapping and Spatial Support”

2006, Co-Principal Investigator - Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership - “Metro Atlanta Land Supply”

2006, Principal Investigator - Georgia Department of Human Resources - “Walking to School: Assessing Neighborhood and School Connectivity for Georgia’s Public Schools using GIS ”  

2004, Co-Principal Investigator - Georgia Technology Authority - “Redesign of National Wetlands Inventory Database for Georgia / Creation of GIS Tools for Wetlands Database” 

2003-2005, Principal Investigator - The Nature Conservancy of Georgia - “Understanding Military Base Encroachment – Fort Benning, GA” 

2002-2004, Principal Investigator - Ther Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation - “Potential Greenspace Information System”

2002-2003, Principal Investigator - The Turner Foundation and Trees Atlanta - “Greenspace Acquisition Support System”



Recent Courses

CP 4510 – Introduction to GIS, 2002 - 2013

CP 6514 - Introduction to GIS, 2010-2011