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The School of City & Regional Planning offers a variety of courses for students from all disciplines around Tech. Undergrads can take classes to learn more about the discipline, or complete their Certificate in Real Estate Development, and graduate students have a wide range of options for completing their master's study or augmenting their degree work in another field. 

If you would like to access the complete Georgia Tech course catalog, please click here. Please note, all of our courses are not offered every semester.


Undergraduate Courses

CP 2233 - Sustainable Urban Development Introduces students to the theory and practice of sustainability as applied to the built environment at scales from the site to the mega-region.  

CP 4010 - Foundations of Urban & Regional Development Describes the economic function of cities and the significant factors that shape their growth and development.

CP 4020 - Introduction to Urban Regional Planning Provides an overview of the planning of cities and metropolitan regions. The legal and historical context as well as substantive areas of urban planning are addressed.

CP 4030 - City and Technology Places urban infrastructure technology within the larger context of planning and development. The social and economic aspects of these systems are highlighted.

CP 4040 - City in Fiction & Film Examines images and perceptions of the urban environment as portrayed in literature and cinema. Explores the social, economic, and cultural contexts that impact conceptions of the city. 

CP 4050 - Conflict Management Theoretical and practical instruction on techniques of negotiation and consensus-building using case studies and training exercises. 

CP 4052 - Sustainable Cities Studio Provides students with the a faculty-supervised community engagement experience in developing a sustainability-related project for a non-profit, business, or government agency. 

CP 4105 - Land Conservation Considers the distinctive American view of land and history of the conservation movement, then discusses the why and how of modern land conservation.

CP 4190 - Introduction to Climate Change Planning Equips students with the knowledge and methods necessary to undertake the next generation of state, local, corporate, and enterprise climate action planning.

CP 4210 - Environmental Planning & Impact Assessment Covers the principles of environmental planning and decision making. Examines the methods and processes, and environmental impact assessment and regulation. 

CP 4310 - Urban Transportation and Planning Designed to introduce the fundamentals of urban transportation planning and policy and is applicable to students in a variety of concentrations of study. The purpose of the course will be to acquaint students with transportation planning as a profession and the types of projects that transportation planners are required to conduct.

CP 4510 - Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems Provides a basic understanding of the tools for collecting, storing, and analyzing spatially distributed data. Basic issues of software design and application are covered. 

CP 4610 - Introduction to Real Estate Investment Subjects include attributes of real property, value determinations, appraisal, investment analysis, market analysis, asset management, and public aspects.

CP 4620 - Housing & Real Estate Economics Examination of private and public sector approaches to housing. Economic theory of durable goods, demand elasticities, applied market research analyses, and history of public intervention. 

Graduate Courses

CP 6002 - Introduction to Planning  Introduction to the various subfields of planning through reading, discussion, and guest lectures by practicing planners. Course also covers professional ethics and career planning and development.

CP 6005 - Drawing for Planners Teaches planning students through drawing to record, analyze, conceptualize, and represent commonly recurring physical and diagrammatic relationships that occur in the physical environment. 

CP 6006 - Visualization for Planners Explores visual and representational techniques and methods for physical planning, introducing a common set of computer applications designed to enhance visual representation and communication. 

CP 6012 - Planning Theory  Examines theories of planning and the public interest. Considers the roles of planners within the American political system and the historical development of the planning profession.

CP 6016 - Growth Management Law  Study of legal framework of planning focusing on managing development to achieve desired outcomes for the economy, society, and the environment.

CP 6024 - Quantitative & Computer Methods  Introduction to computing and quantitative methods in planning. Discusses commonly used data sources, data management, presentation techniques, and planning analytical models.

CP 6025 - Advanced  Planning Methods  Analytical methods in planning including inferential statistics, linear regression, and analysis of variance and how they are applied to planning problems.

CP 6031 - Economic Analysis-Planning  Applications of economic principles to planning, including market theory, public goods, externalities, cost benefit analysis, and project economics.

CP 6032 - Urban Regional Development  Study of theories in the structure and function of cities and regions. Emphasis on the economic forces shaping urban development. 

CP 6034 - Demographic & Economic Analysis  This course considers the social and economic structure of urban areas from a demographic perspective. Population structure, population change, and migration are explored.

CP 6052 - Planning Studio  Analysis and preparation of alternatives for an existing neighborhood, community, or region. Emphasis on application of planning skills in a real-world situation.

CP 6053 - Urban Design Studio The studio investigates urban physical settings. It emphasizes processes from visual representation, performanece evaluations to design decision making of future sustainable urban systems. 

CP 6105 - Land Conservation  This course considers the distinctive American view of land and history of the conservation movement, then discusses the why and how of modern land conservation.

CP 6112 - Intro to Land Use  This course introduces students to land use planning. The basic rationale for land use planning and its form in different states is covered.

CP 6122 - Land Use Planning Methods  This course explores the techniques of land use planning and applies them to specific land use types.

CP 6190 - Introduction to Climate Change Planning Equips students with the knowledge and methods necessary to develop the next generation of state, local, corporate, and enterprise climate action planning. 

CP 6213 - Urban Environmental Planning & Design  This course introduces students to the basic theoretical and analytical underpinnings of urban environmental planning and design.

CP 6214 - Environmental Planning Examines the principles, processes, and methods of environmental planning. Focus on environmental science and its use in impact assessment and project evaluation.

CP 6217 - Climate Change and the City The course explores land use and urban design strategies for adapting to climate change in cities and on local hazard mitigation policy. 

CP 6223 - Policy Tools-Environmental Management  The course covers the regulatory, market, and procedural tools used to manage the environment. It examines the strengths and weaknesses of alternative techniques.

CP 6233 - Sustainable Urban Development  Explores the principles and practice of sustainable urban development and the role of planning.

CP 6241 - Water Resource Planning Fundamentals of water resources planning and watershed management. Emphasis on urban water resources problems, policies, and practices.

CP 6243 - Health Impact Assessment Students conduct an HIA, evaluate a completed HIA and propose approaches to institutionalizing HIA in institutions that traditionally do not focus on health outcomes. 

CP 6250 - Hazardous Waste Planning & Management  Examines the planning tools and management techniques for the proper use, storage, transport, and disposal of hazardous material and waste products.

CP 6261 - Environmental Law  This course introduces students to the framework of legislation that shapes environmental planning and policy, including NEPA, Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act.

CP 6311 - Introduction to Transportation Planning  Overview course in transportation planning including basic principles to understanding transportation, current transportation problems, transportation policy, and decision-making processes and methods.

CP 6321 - Transportation Planning &Investment  Review of transportation methods and how they interface with investment decisions. How transportation planners at the local, regional, state, and federal levels employ methods.

CP 6331 - Land Use& Transportation  Overview of land use and transportation planning principles, how development impacts transportation, how transportation investments impact development patterns and air quality.

CP 6341 - Non-Motorized Access  Examines role and opportunity to make walking and biking viable travel options in urban environments and how urban environments need to be designed to encourage non-motorized travel.

CP 6351 - Transportation & Economic Development  Impact of transportation infrastructure investments on economic outcomes at a range of geographic scales including neighborhood, municipality, regional, and statewide.

CP 6361 - Regional Transportation Planning &Administration  This course will address the administrative, political, methodological, and social issues underlying the regional transportation planning process.

CP 6412 - Economic Development Plan  Policy Introduction to local economic development planning, examining theory, process and practice, international and regional factors, public and private roles.

CP 6422 - Econ Develop Analysis  This course focuses on strategy development, methods of analysis, and approaches to practice for urban and regional economic development policy and planning.

CP 6432 - Industrial Restructuring  Examines industrial restructuring trends and theoretical frameworks; develops industry case studies; and considers economic development planning's role in industrial restructuring.

CP 6442 - Equity, Justice& Economic Development  Explores concepts and theories of equity and social justice, analysis of indicators of (in)justice/equity, and economic development planning's role in promoting equity and social justice.

CP 6452 - Urban Development Policy  Introduces elements of urban policy and economic development by examining them historically, nationally, and locally. Approaches to urban development and redevelopment are analyzed.

CP 6514 - Introduction to GIS  This course introduces students to spatial analysis using geographic information systems. Fundamentals of software design and geographic data are covered.

CP 6521 - Advanced GIS  The course provides students with advanced spatial analysis techniques including network analysis, three-dimensional surface modeling, and GIS application development.

CP 6531 - Introduction to Remote Sensing  This course introduces students to the collection and use of satellite imagery and other remote sensing data.

CP 6541 - Environmental GIS  This course focuses on the application of geographic information systems (GIS) to environmental problems. It highlights the types and sources of data appropriate to those applications.

CP 6542 - Transportation & GIS  Transportation data models, data processing, modeling, and service delivery in geographical information systems.

CP 6551 Spatial Analysis – Socioeconomics​  This course provides students with an in-depth study of the spatial distribution of human activity, including population, housing, and employment. 

CP 6561 - Geodemographics  Explores important secondary data sources used by planners and analysts working with smaller geographic areas. Experience with hardware and software used to analyze data.

CP 6570 - Socioeconomic GIS An advanced GIS course addressing the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of spatial social, economic, housing, and demographic information. 

CP 6591 - GIS Professional Seminar This course provides MSGIST students with a bridge from the academic world to the professional GIS world. 

CP 6592 - GIS Capstone Project Preparation This course allows students to select a MSGIST capstone project topic, conduct a professional and academic literature review, and assemble required spatial datasets. 

CP 6611 - Real Estate Finance & Development  Introduction to principles of real estate finance, focusing on the role the public sector plays in making desirable development projects financially feasible.

CP 6612 - Community Development  This course will examine neighborhood-based efforts, public policy, trends and practices that have shaped community development in American inner city communities since 1950.

CP 6621 - Real Estate Market Research  Introduction to real estate market research with particular focus on analyses of housing and office markets.

CP 6630 - Government & Housing Markets  Examination of the operation of local housing markets and national, state, regional, and local housing policies.

CP 6640 - Real Estate Development Methods  Application of the development process, market and financial feasibility analyses, and public policy to large development projects. Extensive use of case studies involving professional developers.

CP 6680 - Citizen Participation Application Discusses planners' reasons for engaging communities in the planning process, evaluates various engagement methods, and produces a guide to direct future practice.

CP 6760 - Negotiation & Conflict Management  Practical and theoretical instruction on techniques of negotiation and consensus building using training exercises and case studies. Emphasizes environmental, policy, planning, and development disputes. Crosslisted with PUBP 6760.

CP 6811 - Negotiation & Conflict Management  Theoretical and practical instruction on techniques of negotiation and consensus building using case studies and training exercises.

CP 6815 - Cinema City  Explores people's response to cities, augmenting the empirical analysis that is urban studies domain with the subjective perspectives of cinematic artists.

CP 6821 - Policy Analysis & Planning  Synthesizes elements of the program core's analytic techniques and employs them in a case study context. Cases address urban policy, planning, and management.

CP 6825 - Public Sector Finance & Budget  Theory and practice of public finance. Emphasis on applications in local government revenue collection, budgeting, and expenditure analysis.

CP 6831 - Urban Infrastructure  This course provides students with a basic understanding of urban infrastructure systems and their role in shaping urban growth and development.

CP 6832 - Introduction to Urban Design  An introduction to the study, research, and practice of urban design examining traditional design principles and their application to the contemporary city.

CP 6834 - Urban Design Policy  Urban design policy making and its implementation including an analysis of the behavioral basis for policies that promote quality in built form.

CP 6836 - Urban Ecological Design Engages the contemporary issues of urban ecology and its articulation to design. Explores relationships among urban forms, and flows of ecology, energy, material, water and information.

CP 6850 - Public Health and the Built Environment Examines how cities and neighborhoods can have both positive and adverse effects on human health and produces recommendations to improve these outcomes.

CP 6950 - GIS Capstone Project This course teaches students to integrate teh full range of geospatial technology skills by designing and executing a large-scale spatial research or professional project. 

CP 7000 - Master's Thesis  Provides students with an opportunity to pursue advanced research under the guidance of a faculty committee.

CP 8000 - Doctoral Planning Seminar This course provides students and faculty an opportunity to present and discuss planning research.

CP 8012 - PhD Foundations Seminar Incoming City and Regional Planning doctoral students reflect upon research, assess opportunities afforded by doctoral education, and develop a plan of study for the program. 

CP 8022 - PhD Seminar in Research and Pedagogy Students conceptualize and share ongoing research with their peers, develop professional and pedagogical skills, and explore issues of student and career development. 

CP 8200 - Advanced Planning Theory Seminar on planning theory, including philosophy of science, political philosophy and ethical theory. The course explores the theoretical basis for planning as a social activity.

CP 8300 - Advanced Urban and Regional Theory Examines principal urban-regional economic, and spatial theories for explaining economic, social and physical forces influencing locations, growth and decline of cities and regions. 

CP 8400 - Research Design and Qualitative Methods Examines issues associated with the design and methodological implementation of planning and applied social research, with a focus on techniques for qualitative inquiry.

CP 8505 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods This course addresses two complementary topics: the design of quantitative research related to planning, design, and policy; and advanced statistical techniques for accomplishing such research.

CP 8813 - Special Topic-Land Use Plan  Topics of current interest in land use planning.

CP 8823 - Special Topic-Environment Plan  Topics of current interest in environmental planning.

CP 8833 - Special Topic-Transport Plan  Topics of current interest in transportation planning

CP 8843 - Special Topic-Economic Development  Topics of current interest in economic development.

CP 8853 - Special Topics in GIS  Topics of current interest in geographic information systems.

CP 8863 - Special Topics-Land Development  Topics of current interest in land development.

CP 8873 - Special Topics-Urban Design  Topics of current interest in urban design.

CP 8881/8882/8883 - Special Topics- City and Region Plan  Topics of current interest in city and regional planning.

CP 8900 - Special Problems  Special problems of current interest.

CP 8901 - Special Problems  Special problems of current interest.

CP 8902 - Special Problems  Special problems of current interest.

CP 8990 - Applied Research Paper  The applied research paper requires students to demonstrate their ability to organize and execute professional-level work in consultation with a faculty member.

CP 8997 - Teaching Assistantship  For graduate students holding graduate teaching assistantships.

CP 8998 - Research Assistantship  For graduate students holding graduate research assistantships.