Masters Theses

Below are the most recent masters theses completed by SCaRP students. For a complete archive, please visit the SmarTech collection hosted by the Georgia Tech Library.


Douglass, Sara. "Federal Transit Funding Implications of Urbanization: A Nationwide Assessment" 2018. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Dyess, Chelsea. "An Assessment of Pedestrian Infrastructure Quality and the Effect on Travel Time and Mobility for Users with Physical Limitations." 2018. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Nord, Anna. " A Statewide Assessment of Trending Urban Areas in Georgia and the Implications on Rural Public Transit Funding." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Senthilkumar, Sanjay. "Making Bike Share Transit Compatible." 2018. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Tobey, Michael. "Linking MPBN and System of Systems Thinking: To Improve Outcomes in Urban Environments." 2018. Supervised by Perry Yang.



Koo, Bonwoo. "Spatio-temporal Patterns of Urban Tree Canopy and Environmental Equity in Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Sperling, Elliot. "Advancing Strategic Focuses through Performance-based Evaluation – the Growth of State DOT Approaches." 2017. Supervised by Catherine Ross. 



Martin, Tyler. "Assessing the Influence of Policy Factors on Alternative Fuel Vehicle Adoption in Georgia." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Smith, Stephanie. "An Evaluation of the Physical and Demographic Characteristics Contributing to On-Site Sewage Management System Failure in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia." 2016. Supervised by Brian Stone.


Bearn, Cary. "Measuring Low Stress Bike access to MARTA." 2015. Supervised by Catherine Ross. 

Maier, George. "Forecasting Ridership Impacts of Transit Oriented Development at MARTA Rail Stations." 2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Plummer, Audrey. "Retroffiting Closed Golf Courses." 2015. Supervised by Richard Dagenhart. 

PrabhakarNiranjani. "Measuring Cost-Effectiveness of Idle Reduction Technologies in Heavy Duty Trucks." 2015. Supervised by Catherine Ross. 


Carragher, Margaret. "Innovations in Multi-modal, Schematic Transit Mapping: an Exploratory Survey." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Catherine Ross, Dr. Kari Watkins, and Dr. Randall Guensler.

Frackelton, Alexandra. "Pedestrian Transportation Project Prioritization Incorporating App-Collected Sidewalk Data." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Randall Guensler, Dr. Catherine Ross, and Dr. Kari Watkins.

Gooze, Aaron. "Real-time Transit Information Accuracy: Impacts and Proposed Solutions." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Jiawen Yang, Dr. Kari Watkins, and Alan Boring.

Ingles, Amy. "Incorporating Health Considerations into Collaborative Transportation Decision Making." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Adjo Amekudzi, Dr. Catherine Ross, and William Lyons.

Reed, Landon. "Real-time Transit Passenger Information: A Case Study in Standards Development." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Kari Watkins, Dr. Timothy Welch, Dr. Hans Klein.

Silveira, Christopher. "User Information and the Bus Stop: Designs and Applications in the United States and Canada." 2013. Supervised by Michael Dobbins, Dr. Kari Watkins, and Dr. Jiawen Yang.

Wilson, Richard. "Strategic Multimodal Performance Measurement: A Survey of Best Practices at State Departments of Transportation." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Frank Southworth, Dr. Catherine Ross, and Dr. Michael Meyer.

Zhang, Wenwen. "The Effect of Compact Development on Travel Behavior, Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions in Phoenix Metropolitan Area." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Dr. Steve French, and Dr. Yanzhi Xu.

Zhou, Yi. "The Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram in Urban Network: Analytical Theory and Simulation." 2013. Supervised by Dr. Catherine Ross, Dr. Jorge Laval, Dr.Jiawen Yang.


Anders, Joel. "Future Paths for Regional Fare Collection in Atlanta: A Case Study Analysis of the Planning and Implementation of Next Generation Fare Collection Systems for Regional Transit in North America." 2012. Supervised by Dr. Catherine Ross, Dr. Kari Watkins, and Dr. Randall Guensler.

Brodie, Stefanie. "Incorporating Accessibility into Environmental Justice Assessments: Applications in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region." 2012. Supervised by Dr. Adjo Amekudzi, Dr. Catherine Ross, and Dr. Micheal Meyer.

McBurney, Andrew. "A Glimpse of Bike-n-Bus: An Exploratory Survey of the United States." 2012. Supervised by Dr. Michael Meyer, Frank Southworth, and Dr. Brian Stone.

Pienta, Alison. "Planning for Multiculturalism: A Comparison of Approaches in Two Metro-Atlanta Cities." 2012. Supervised by Dr. Bruce Stiftel, Dr. Barabara Lynch, and Dr. Perry Yang.

Roell, Maria. "The Use of Public Participation in the Design of Effective Internet-Based Advanced Traveler Information Systems." 2012. Supervised by Dr. BruceStiftel, Dr. Kari Watkins, and Dr. Randall Guensler.

Sewell, Patrick. "Centers All the Way Down: A Study of Centrality in the Modern City" 2012. Supervised by Dr. John Peponis, Michael Dobbins, and Dr. Perry Yang.