Jan Youtie


Principal Research Associate, Enterprise Innovation Institute
(404) 894-6111


Jan L. Youtie, Ph.D., is manager of policy services and principal research associate in Innovation Partners, a unit of the Enterprise Innovation Institute at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). She also is an adjunct professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy, teaches in the School of City and Regional Planning, and is a co-founder of the program in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. Dr. Youtie’s research focuses on technology-based economic development, emerging-technology assessment, manufacturing competitiveness, regional innovation clusters, and innovation and knowledge measurement and evaluation. She has been principal investigator in studies sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation, European Commission, U.N. Development Program, Aspen Institute, Southern Technology Council, and Georgia Research Alliance among others. Her research received the Lang Rosen Gold Award for best article by the Journal of Technology Transfer, and it also has appeared in Research< Policy, Economic Development Quarterly, Technovation, Evaluation and Program PlanningNature Nanotechnology, and many other journals. She holds a doctorate in political science from Emory University.


Ph.D., 1981, Emory University,
Political Science

M.A., 1979, Emory University,
Political Science

B.S., 1977, Emory University,
Political Science


Senior Research Associate,
Enterprise Innovation Institute (formerly Economic Development Institute)
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992 to 1999, Principal Research Associate,
1999 to present, Manager Policy Services, 2006 to present

Adjunct Professor, School of
Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998 to present

Assistant Director, A.L. Burruss
Institute of Public Service, Kennesaw State College, 1990-1992

Vice President, Bank Earnings
International, 1982-1990

Senior Research Associate,
Electronic Banking, Inc., 1981-1982



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Co-Principal Investigator, Research Collaboration: Social
and Ethical Aspects of Contributorship, National Science Foundation (2010-2012)

Principal Investigator: UK-US Collaboration Development
Award (CDA), British Embassy and British Consulate (2010).

Senior researcher, Analysis of the evolution of the costs of
research – trends, drivers and impacts (COST), European Commission (2009-2011)

Co-Principal Investigator, Center for Nanotechnology in
Society at Arizona State University (2010-2015, senior researcher, (2005-2009)

Co-Principal Investigator, Nanotechnology’s Transition from
Discovery to Commercialization in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: An
Exploration of Evidence from Novel Unstructured Sources, National
Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, Social and Ethical Issues Seed Grant

Co-Principal Investigator, Project
on the Assessment of Fifteen Nanotechnology Science and Engineering Centers’
(NSECs) Outcomes and Impacts: Their Contribution to NNI Objectives and Goals,
National Science Foundation (2009-2010)

Senior Researcher, Analysis of
the evolution of the costs of research - trends, drivers and impacts, European
Commission, (2009-2011).

Senior Researcher Evaluating the
Impact of MEP Services on Establishment Performance, NIST Manufacturing
Extension Program, (2009)

Co-Principal Investigator, Mod
Measurement and Analysis of Highly Creative Research in the US and Europe,
National Science Foundation (2007-2010)

Senior researcher, Making an
Impact: Assessing the Benefits of Ohio’s Investments in Technology-based
Economic Development Programs, Ohio Department of Development (2009)

Senior researcher, Study on
Knowledge Content in Key Economic Sectors in Malaysia, U.N. Development Program
(2007, 2002)

Country Correspondent, ERAWATCH
(European research policy network). US research system assessment, European
Commission, (2007-2013)

Country Correspondent,
PROINNOWATCH, TrendChart, European Commission, (2007-2010)

Co-Principal Investigator, Technology
Extension System Development for Chile, Chilean Economic Development Agency
(CORFO), (2007-8)

Principal Investigator,
Intellectual Capital Partnership Program, University System of Georgia,
workforce studies on energy and environment (2008), aerospace (2007), logistics
(2005), bioscience (2003, 2008), supply and demand of university graduates
(1998, 1999, 2001, 2003);

Eureka! Winning Ways: Analysis of
Early Client and Center Experiences, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership,

Correlates of Innovation Activity
and Performance: A US-Europe Comparison, NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership,

Product and Service Innovation, NIST
Manufacturing Extension Partnership, (2006)

Co-Director, Knowledge Mapping of
Nanotechnology in the Southern United States, Southern Technology Council

Co-Director, Georgia
Manufacturing Survey (2010, 2008, 2005, 2002,1999, 1996, 1994)

Assessing the Value of
Information and its Impact on Productivity in Small and Midsize Manufacturers,
Advanced Technology and the Future of US Manufacturing, NIST Manufacturing
Extension Partnership (2004)

Senior researcher, NICHD Research
Centers/Network Program Review: National Cooperative Program for Infertility
Research, National Institutes of Health (2003-2004).

Co-Principal Investigator,
Impacts of Public Information Infrastructure Access, evaluation involving
surveys, case studies, National Science Foundation (2001-2004).

Co-Principal Investigator,
Special Studies and Analysis, Manufacturing Futures Group, National Institute
of Standards and Technology (2003-2004), involving technology futures workshop,
pilot protocol examining role of information in productivity, product and
services innovation.

Director, bibliometric analysis
of the nanotechnology industry for the Georgia Research Alliance (2004)

Principal Investigator, cluster
analysis of electronic chip design industries for the Georgia Department of
Economic Development (2001-2002)

Principal Investigator,
technology infusion project, to benchmark technology development programs in U.S. states for
the Georgia Department of Economic Development, (2000).

Principal Investigator, Mid-sized
Cities Technology Development project, to enhance technology-based economic
development activities in mid-sized cities in Georgia, develop a European
network of mid-sized cities, and organize workshops for the Georgia Department
of Economic Development (2001-2003)

Senior researcher, Contractor
Change at the Department of Energy’s Multi-program Laboratories, involving
focus groups, case studies, Office of Science, Department of Energy, (2001).

Principal Investigator,
Innovative Local Economic Development Programs, involving 25 case studies, U.S.
Economic Development Administration (1998-1999).

Principal, case study evaluations
of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program, successful projects (1997),
exemplary projects (1998), third party partnerships (1998), transformed firms,
NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (1999).

Senior Researcher, Ring Around Georgia, NTIA/Department of

Project Director, Manufacturing Assistance Program Needs Assessment
Guide, Aspen Institute (1994-1995)


Society for Nanotechnology and Emerging Technologies,
Program Committee 2011.

Atlanta Conference on Science and Innovation, Program
Committee 2009, 2011.

Journal of Technology Transfer, Ad hoc reviewer

International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, Ad
hoc reviewer

International Journal of Innovation and Technology
Management, Ad hoc reviewer

International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies, Ad
hoc reviewer

Telecommunications Policy, Ad hoc reviewer

R&D Management, Ad hoc reviewer

Economic Development Quarterly, Ad hoc reviewer

Evaluation and Program Planning, Ad hoc reviewer

Research Policy, Ad hoc reviewer

Foresight, Ad hoc reviewer

Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Ad hoc

Technology Forecasting & Social Change, Ad hoc reviewer

Reviewer for NSF-CAREER Proposal, 2002, 2009

Peer Recognition Award, Enterprise Innovation Institute,

Journal of Technology Transfer Lang Rosen Gold Award for
best paper, 1997, 1998

Member, Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program
Evaluation Review Committee (2005-2006), Center Panel Reviews (1998), Evaluation Working
Group (1993-1999)

Sloan Foundation Industry Studies Affiliate (2005-2010)

Working group member, National Innovations Initiative,
Council on Competitiveness (2004).

Special assistant to Governor’s task force on technology and
telecommunications (2003), natural gas deregulation

Telecommunications/Technology technical advisory committee, Georgia Rural
Development Council (2000).

Co-organization, Innovations in Economic Development Forum,

Transatlantic Workshop on Nanotechnology Innovation and Policy (2010)

workshops on Telecommunications, Rural Georgia, and the New Economy, sponsor:
Georgia Department of Community Affairs (1999-2000);

Co-organization, Atlanta
Workshops on the Evaluation of Industrial Modernization, Aberdeen Woods, GA, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997.