Global Partnerships

Professor Dagenhart and student

Limitless Education in a Rapidly Changing World

With so many planning problems steeped in global dimensions and with the best planning innovations coming from diverse places around the world, Georgia Tech's School of City and Regional Planning aims for global learning and influence. 

Our School offers international studios, courses abroad, partnerships with international universities, and opportunities for education and partnership in India, China, Korea, South Africa, Berlin, and more.


International Studios

The School of City and Regional Planning organizes at least one international planning studio each year. Past studios have ranged in location from China to Germany, and many places in between. 

Tongji University in China

SCaRP has a variety of different partnerships with Tongji University in China, including an exchange program. MCRP students can earn an additional master's degree with just one extra year of study. 

CEPT University in India

SCaRp has entered into a partnership with the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) in Ahmedabad, India to build on previous successful studio experiences.

Hanyang University in Korea

The Department of Urban Planning and Engineering at Hanyang University has partnered with SCaRP with the intention of establishing and fostering international cooperation in education and research.

Modern Architecture + Modern City

For more than twenty years, this program co-taught by multiple faculty members has taken graduate students (and some undergraduates) to five European cities over the course of two months each summer. 

UN-Habitat University Network

The University Network Initiative is UN-Habitat’s network for academia/research partners. It promotes cooperation between UN-HABITAT and higher education institutions.