Fellows of the AICP

Georgia Tech FAICP planners from 2015

Georgia Tech's Elite Planners

Fellows of American Institute of Certified Planners (FACIP), currently numbering approximately 400 nationwide, are honored in recognition of the achievements of the planner as an individual, elevating the Fellow before the public and the profession as a model planner who has made significant contributions to planning and society. Fellowship is granted to planners who have been members of AICP and have achieved excellence in professional practice, teaching and mentoring, research, public and community service, and leadership. Those chosen become members of the College of Fellows. 

The School of City and Regional Planning has 13 alumni and 14 faculty or former faculty that have been chosen as Fellows. 

Graduates Inducted

Paul Berge, FAICP, MCP '76, inducted in 2016

Rhonda Phillips, FAICP, PhD '96, inducted in 2016

Ellen Heath, FAICPMCP '82, inducted in 2014

Jeffrey RaderFAICPMCP '87, inducted in 2014

Glenn CoyneFAICPMCP '87, inducted in 2012

William SnowdenFAICPMCP ' 77, inducted in 2010

Fernando Costa, FAICPMCP ‘74, inducted in 2008

Claude E. (Gene) Boles, FAICPMCP ‘69, inducted in 2008

Mary Ann Bowie, FAICPMCP ‘73, inducted in 2006

Myles Green Smith, FAICPMCP ‘81, inducted in 2003

James W. (Bill) Curtis, FAICPMCP ‘72, inducted in 2003

Bruce D. McDowell, FAICP, MCP '59, inducted in 2002

Anthony TomazinisFAICPMCP ‘59, inducted in 2001

Sidney F.Thomas, FAICPMCP ‘56, inducted in 2001

Lester SolinFAICPMCP ‘70, inducted in 1999

Carol Barrett, FAICPMCP ‘75, inducted in 1999


Faculty and Former Faculty Inducted

Jamie Cochran, FAICP, former adjunct faculty, inducted in 2016

Daniel Reuter, FAICP, former adjunct faculty, inducted in 2016

Michael DobbinsFAICP, faculty, inducted in 2012

Nancey Green Leigh, FAICP, faculty, inducted in 2008

Gary A. Cornell, FAICP, former adjunct faculty, inducted in 2008

John Jerome WeitzFAICP, adjunct faculty inducted in 2008

Stephen P. French, FAICP, faculty, inducted 2006

Larry Keating, FAICP, former faculty, inducted 2006

David SawickiFAICP, faculty, inducted in 2004

Jay Stein, FAICP, former faculty, inducted in 2004

Bruce StiftelFAICP, faculty, inducted in 2004

Paul B. KelmanFAICP, adjunct faculty, inducted in 2003

Randal Roark, FAICP, faculty, inducted in 2003

Anthony CataneseFAICP, former faculty, inducted in 2001

Leon EplanFAICP, former faculty, inducted in 2000

Arthur (Chris) Nelson, FAICP, faculty, inducted in 2000

Tom Roberts, FAICP, former adjunct faculty, inducted in 2000