• Jan 22

    Job Search Kick Off

    214 Arch-East

    The beginning of the Job Search Series featuring an overview from C2D2 and the events to come.

  • Jan 24

    College of Design Research Forum: Ethics & Values for Reflective Urban Automation

    Caddell Flex Space, John and Joyce Caddell Building, 280 Ferst Drive

    Urban automation’s potential to create disruptive technologies that change cities’ development is already evident. And while many benefits can be derived from urban automation, its forms raise ethical and privacy issues, and more. This forum will explore those issue from a range of perspectives.

  • Jan 29

    Healthy Places Research Group Meeting

    Atlanta, GA

    Todd E. Schlesinger, Vice President, JVION l present how AI and Cognitive Science are changing the way healthcare data is used and how the insights are actioned. 

    The presentation will provide an overview of the technology that is driving this solution and will highlight several examples of how it is being operationalized across the healthcare setting. 


  • Jan 29

    Former Interns Panel

    214 Arch-East

    Part of the Job Search Series, talk with second year students about their internships.

  • Jan 30

    Episode 3: REDESIGNING CITIES: The Speedwell Foundation Talks @ Georgia Tech

    Historic Academy of Medicine