Applied Research Papers

Applied research papers are completed by MCRP students as practice-oriented alternatives to theses. These papers utilize practice skills and draw conclusions related to professional planning practice. If you are a current student looking for information on writing your paper, click here. The following Applied Research Papers were completed in recent years. Links to papers are available through Georgia Tech's SmarTech repository.



Baggett, Anna. "Combatting the Urban Heat Island Effect: What Trees Are Suitable for Atlanta’s Current and Future Climate?" 2019. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Bleckley, Claire. "Georgia’s Regional Planning System: An Evaluation of the State’s 12 Regional Development Commissions.” 2019. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Brice, Paul-Emile. "Resort Towns: Making a Case Study of Montego Bay and Bavaro Punta Cana.” 2019. Supervised by Alberto Fuentes.

Carpenter, Sophia. "Planning for Blue and Green: A Case for Green Infrastructure.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Carter, Melody. "Federal Opportunity Zones: The newest gentrification tool?” 2019. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Cooper, Carson. "Does distributed green infrastructure or centralized green infrastructure have a greater effect on urban stormwater flow & pollutant loads?” 2019. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Coyle, Tyler. "Houston Townhomes & Affordability: Relative townhome prices 2005-2018.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Davison, Brianna. "A Case for Expanding Heritage Tourism in Atlanta, Georgia by Exploring Sites From the Negro Motorist Green Book.” 2019. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Denison, John. " The Determinants and Implications of Local Minimum Wage Adoption.” 2019. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Everhart, Justina. "Coastal Wetlands and Sea-Level Rise: A Case for Climate Adaptation Zones in Coastal Georgia.” 2019. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Friedman, Mirit. "Promoting the Economic Mobility of Clients Through Identifying Leverage Points in the Atlanta Community Food Bank Partner Network.” 2019. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey​

Gao, Meng. "Bike Infrastructure Evaluation of Midtown Atlanta, A GIS and Statistics Based Study.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Geronimo, Laura. "Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge: Incorporating Uncertainty and Equity into Transportation Planning for the San Juan Metropolitan Area, Puerto Rico.” 2019. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Graszer, Grace. "Closing Peachtree and Pine: Evaluating Homeless Strategies in Atlanta, Georgia.” 2019. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Hanus, Andrew. "Public Sector Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems: Literature review and future research prospect.” 2019. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Healy, Clare. "Middle Ground: Market Demand and the Housing Supply Mismatch for Middle Housing in the United States.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Huffman, Leigh. "The Impact of Urbanization on Biodiversity in the Asheville-Brevard Combined Statistical Area.” 2019. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Johnson, Nicholas. "Expanding Equity in Sustainability Projects Through Community Engagement: Can Organizations Adapt?” 2019. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Johnson, Jennifer. "Using K-12 Schools to Promote Sustainable Communities.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Jones, Regan. "Community Engagement on Buford Highway.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Karam, Christopher. "X.” 2019. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Ma, Jiayan. " Understanding Flood Risk in City of Houston: A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey.” 2019. Supervised by Subhrajit Guhathakurta.

Pang, Jian. "A Review on The Concept of Transit-dependency And The Research on The Multidimensional Transit-dependency Index.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Schlom, Ryan. "How Has U+2 Enforcement Affected Housing Affordability in Fort Collins? Using the Synthetic Control Method to Analyze the Affordability Implications of Residential Occupancy Regulation.” 2019. Supervised by Thom Malone.

Scott, Eric. "Parking at Megachurches - Managing accessibility, hospitality and stewardship: A Case Study of Peachtree Presbyterian Church.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Sherman, Andrea. "Rural Mobility for Older Adults: Matching Georgia’s Future Needs with Potential Capacity for Volunteer Driver Programs.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Sherman, Jonathan. " A Flood Resilience Policy Analysis: New York City.” 2019. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Smith, Andrew. "Envisioning a Complete Streets Prioritization Scheme for Georgia’s Small and Medium-Sized Cities.” 2019. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Smith, Michael. "The Short-Sighted Vision of the Smart City: A critique of the smart city movement.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Stephens, Nicholas. "Toward a Complete Park: Pursuing ideals of social equity, ecological enrichment and economic empowerment for the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry, a regional-scale park in Atlanta, Georgia.” 2019. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Tyger, Curtis. "Church-Based Transportation: A New Shared Mobility Service That Converts Church Parking Lots into Transportation Hubs for Metro Atlanta Communities.” 2019. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Gibbs, Taylor. "Identifying factors of Equity Gaps in MARTA service levels through the Development of a Transit Equity Planning GIS-based Workflow.” 2019. Supervised by Subhrajit Guhathakurta.



Agnew, Darian. "Extending homeownership opportunities to prospective borrowers burdened by student loan debt." 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Binder, Robert. "Detroit: Scales of Transit and the Five Million Lives Competition." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Browne, Samantha. " The Causes and Effects of Environmental Gentrification: An Examination of the Impacts of the Trinity River Balanced Vision Plan on West Dallas, TX." 2018. Supervised by Thomas Debo.

Carmenate, Sigal. "An Explanation of the Built Environment's Influence on Mode Choice to Access Transit in the Atlanta Metropolitan Region." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Davis, Tate. "Suitability, Siting, and Scenerios of Green Infrastructure within the Procter Creek Watershed." 2018. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Dieg, Melanie. "Is Columbia a Different Neighbor? A Comparative Analysis of University Real Estate Acquisition Practices." 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Diwangkari, Andyan. "Urban Form and Neighborhood Vulnerability to Climate Change Case Study: Jakarta, Indonesia." 2018. Supervised by Perry Yang.

Dodson, Christy. "Neighborhood Diversity and Middle Housing in an Atlanta Context." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Duncan, Dorraine. "Participatory Solid Waste Management A Proposal for Jamaica's Informal Settlements." 2018. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Dutt, Florina. "Reclaiming Public Realm to Improve Human Heatlh and Enviornment in Indian Cities." 2018. Supervised by Subhro Guhathakurta.

El Joundi, Imane. "Understanding Power, Politics and Planning in theTimes of Digital Social Mobilization City of AL Hoceima, Morocco." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Epstein, Dara. "Adaptive Mitigation in Atlanta for Promoting Equitable Flood Resilience." 2018. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Erwin, Lexi. "Working Moms and Economic Development Policy: Are We Planning for Women?" 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

French, Megan. "Accuracy of a Heat Vulnerability Index for Estimating Heat Mortality in Dallas, Texas." 2018. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Galloway, Allison. "Slow Urbanism as a Sprawl Antidote Winning the Race on Foot Borrowing from Slow Urbanism's Place-Based Sustainable Practices." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Hirt, Mary. "Homeownership and Racial Wealth Disparity in the Southeast: Factor Ratio Reweighting Analysis of Homeownership in Six Southeast States and the Importance of Race-Conscious Housing Policies." 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Horadam, Nathaniel. "Exploring an Automated Highway System in Georgia: the Driverless Roads Ahead." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Howard, Symone. "The Prospect of Climate-Change Driven Community Resettlement of Vulnerable Coastal Louisiana Communities." 2018. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Ijaz, Mishele. "Growth versus Development: The Case of China Pakistan Economic Corridor." 2018. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Johnson, Erin. "Public Libraries as Community Catalysts: Optimizing Opportunities for Organizational Co-Location & Collaboration." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Kim, Rebekah. "Developing Station Design Guidance for Bus Rapid Transit in Gwinnett County." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Lancaster, Zachary. "Information Theory as a Measure of Sociodemographic Change." 2018. Supervised by Perry Yang.

Marinelli, Abigail. "Curbing Zombie Cars: Implementing a VMT Tax on Zero-Occupant AVs to Discourage Unnecessary Trips." 2018. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Meng, Chao. "Evaluation of the Equity of Bikeshare System Accessibility: A Case Study of Chicago." 2018. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Mildner, Caitlin. "Planning for Local Agency Transportation Asset Management An Analysis of Knowledge and Resource Shortcomings within Local Georgia Agencies." 2018. Supervised by Subhro Guhathakurta.

Morrison, Marc. "Atlanta's Urban Ecosystem Services: A Neighborhood Comparison Analysis." 2018. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Rao, Pooja. "Transit fare structure and equity: Case of MARTA, Atlanta." 2018. Supervised by Timothy Welch.

Rogers, Ian Michael. "Historic Preservation & Progress in Atlanta: Zoning Strategies for Adaptive Reuse and Revitalization." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Sawyer, Sarina. "Activate, Educate, Serve: Examining Georgia Tech's Public Scholarship Endeavors." 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Saxton, John. "A High-Injury Network for Atlanta." 2018. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Sepkowitz, Isabel. "The Great Retail Metamorphosis: How Americans Shop is How Americans Live Metro Atlanta Case Study." 2018. Supervised by Subhro Guhathakurta.

Steidl, Paul. "An Opening for Distributed Development: The Accessory Dwelling Unit as an Avenue for Value Creation and Equitable Growth." 2018. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Thayer, Chris. "Contesting Conventional Wisdom: The Link Between Subsidy Layering and Legal Expenses in the LIHTC Program." 2018. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Van Dyke, Rebecca. "The Impact of Gender, Race, and Income on Transit Travel Behavior in Boston and Atlanta." 2018. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Veriah, Revathi. "Classification of Informal Settlements Based on their Susceptibility to Climate Change." 2018. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Waidhas, Kelsey. "An Academic Addendum for the Sandy Springs Wayfinding System: An Option Paper Report." 2018. Supervised by William Drummond.

Walls, Daniel. "Assessing the Potential of Autonomous Transit Shuttles as a First-and-Last Mile Public Transportation Solution." 2018. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Woods, Gloria. "Resilient Black Neighborhoods in Urban Environments Through Effective Community Planning." 2018. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Wu, Yanlin. "Modifying and Extending the Geodesign Framework for Eco Campus Design Project." 2018. Supervised by Perry Yang.



Anand, Spandana. "The Future of Transportation: Autonomous Vehicles." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Barrow, Megan. "As Sea Level Rise in the Southeast, Are Transportation Planners on Board with Climate Justice?" 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Bedsole, Matthew. "Developing a Charitable and Targeted Property Tax Relief Fund: An Anti-Displacement Initiative for Atlanta’s Westside Neighborhoods." 2017. Supervised by Mike Dobbins. 

Behera, Abhishek. "Re-imagining Contemporary Urban Planning with Place-making." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Boyd, Nicholas. "The Urban Forest and Environmental Justice: A Review of the Literature." 2017. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Bozarth, Ashley. "Permanent Supportive Housing in the City of Atlanta: Transitioning to a Comprehensive Housing First Approach." 2017. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Brasgalla, Karina. "Developing Community Schools Through the Co-location of Resources in El Paso, Texas." 2017. Supervised by Bill Drummond.

Burnette, Caroline. "Predicting Revitalization: a descriptive narrative and predictive analysis of neighborhood revitalization in Atlanta, Georgia." 2017. Supervised by Subhro Guhathakurta.

Butler, Catherine. "Green Development Assessing Opportunities for the City of Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Carnes, Sarah. "Economic Success: Re-evaluating the traditional approach to economic development in order to broaden opportunity for all." 2017. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Day, Anna. "In Favor of Farm to Fork: An assessment of the local food system in metropolitan Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Michael Elliot.

De Leon, David. "Bridging the Gap: an Analysis of the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis and Social Service and Affordable Housing Accessibility in Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Debnath, Anindya. "Assessing Public Transit Accessibility and Equity of 10-County Atlanta Region using General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Data." 2017. Supervised by Alex Karner.

Duckworth, Richard. "Preparing for Light Rail in the Purple Line Corridor." 2017. Supervised by Alex Karner. 

Estes, Emily. "Do Young Children Affect Travel Behavior for Parents in Atlanta?" 2017. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Fleming, Ryan. "Strip Clubs in Portland, Oregon and Atlanta, Georgia: The Tension between First Amendment Free Speech & Crime-related Secondary Effects." 2017. Supervised Nancey Green Leigh.

French, Emma. "People-centered Planning for Smart Cities: Exploring the Use of Smart Cities Technologies in Efforts to Engage the Public in Planning in and around Proctor Creek Watershed." 2017. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Garnet, Dontrey. "Metropolitan Parkway: Complete Street Redesign." 2017. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Hanson, Alex. "Measuring the Impact of Complete Streets Projects on Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety in Sacramento County, California." 2017. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Hashemi Toroghi, Shahaboddin. "Toward a Sustainable Neighborhood: Examining the Impact of the Mixed-use Development on Neighborhood Energy Consumption." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Haston, Joshua. "Planning the Next BRAC: Redevelopment Alternatives for Dobbins Air Reserve Base and Air Force Plant No. 6." 2017. Supervised by Brian Stone. 

Howard, Jordan. "Utilizing Transit-oriented Development Funds to Finance Affordable Housing Near Transit Corridors." 2017. Supervised by William Drummond. 

Jeena, Zahra. "Insight into the Incipient Smart Cities Phenomena in India." 2017. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Kent, Margaret. "Prioritizing Low-Stress Bicycle Accessibility in Baltimore." 2017. Supervised by Alex Karner.

Kong, Jing. "Impact Analysis of the Built Environment on Quality of Life." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Lele, Shriram. "Reimagining Local Neighborhoods & Employments in Lake City, FL." 2017. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Mara, Kevin. "Large-Scale Mixed-Use Developments as Catalytic Real Estate Projects: Evaluating the Narrative of Neighborhood Revitalization." 2017. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Mayor, Phoebe. "Striking the Balance between Neighborhood Change and Income Diversity Lessons from Metropolitan Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Metal, Melanie. "Tailoring Green Stormwater Infrastructure to Hawiian Lansdcapes." 2017. Supervised by William Drummond.

Moreno, Marcela. "Sustainable Wastewater Systems for Texas Colonias: Alternatives Analysis for El Paso County." 2017. Supervised by Bruce Stiftel.

Park, Chulhong. "Population Density and Urban Design Features' Relationship to Mental Health." 2017. Supervised by William Drummond.

Patterson, Grant. "Arts-Based Neighborhood Revitalization Engaging Artists & Creative Entrepreneurs to Identify Policy Recommendations to Support Arts-Based Revitalization in South Downtown, Atlanta." 2017. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Ray, Ellen. "MARTA in Clayton County: An Opportunity for Equitable Transit-Oriented Development." 2017. Supervised by Alex Karner.  

Shelton, Austin. "This Place Matters: Exploring Rural Planning through Funding a Rail-Trail in Harris County, Georgia." 2017. Supervised by William Drummond.

Silwal, Deepti. "Planning for Earthquake Resilience in Heritage Settlements of Kathmandu Valley." 2017. Supervised by Steven French.        

Smith, Cole. "Building a More Sustainable Atlanta: An urban design review of multi-family development along the Atlanta Beltline." 2017. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Smyth, Andrew. "Investigation of Aircraft Wingtip Collisions on the Ground." 2017. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Yang, Wenhui. "Analysis on Social Impacts of Atlanta Streetcar Systems Emissions." 2017. Supervised by TIm Welch.

Zeng, Tianran. "Transit as Solution for Spatial Mismatch." 2017. Supervised by Tim Welch.



Albert, Austin. "Community-Based Real Estate Investment in Georgia through Real Estate Investment Cooperatives (REICs)." 2016. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Bonn, Sara Jane. "Digital Media and the Built Environment: the Potential Impact of Digital Devices on Public Space." 2016. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Bourget, Jean-Pierre. "Developing a Strong Workforce Development System for Clayton County." 2016. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Boyd, Joseph. "Walkability, Pedestrian Infrastructure, & Transit Access in Atlanta: A Case Study on Ashby, Inman Park/Reynoldstown, and Lindbergh MARTA Stations." 2016. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Buker, Allison. "Mapping the Morphological History of Westside Savannah." 2016. Supervised by Richard Dagenhart. 

Collot, Adeline. "A Culture of High Speeds and Accumulating Debt: A Case Study of French High-Speed Rail Financing Practices." 2016. Supervised by Time Welch.

Date, Chirag. "Virtual and Fantastic Urban Perceptions through Cinema and Their Relation to Contemporary Cities." 2016. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Davis, Elizabeth. "Developments of Regional Impact: A Program Analysis." 2016. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Heath, Simone. "Expanding Landscapes: An Exploration of Large-Scale Privately Owned Private Spaces." 2016. Supervised by Ellen Dunham-Jones. 

McKinney, Mia. "A Dream Deferred? Utilizing the Limited-Equity Housing Cooperative Model as a Solution to Atlanta's Affordable Housing Issue." 2016. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Kao, Mindy. "Creating Fair Housing Metrics and Milestones Using Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Data" 2016. Supervised by Dan Immergluck. 

Li, Mingyang. "Neighborhood Racial Composition, Neighborhood Wealth, and the Surrounding Food Environment in Metro Atlanta Area." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Mitchell, Kimberly. "Land Use Planning: An Introduction for Newcomers to Planning." 2016. Supervised by Bill Drummond.

Lueders, Abram. "Jane Jacobs, Quantified: Exploring the Legacy of the 20th Century’s Most Provocative Urban Theorist." 2016. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Maines, Katherine. "How Observation Can Enhance Understanding of Walkability and Bikability around Transit Stations." 2016. Supervised by Brian Stone. 

Martin, Tyler. "Assessing the Influence of Policy Factors on Alternative Fuel Vehicle Adoption in Georgia." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross. 

McMullen, Meghan. "Sears, Roebuck & Company Distribution Centers: A Comparative Study in Large-Scale Adaptive Reuse." 2016. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Price, Shelley. "Enhancing National Parks for Visitors with Disabilities through Customer-Experience-Based Decision Making." 2016. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Pringle, Jeshua. "Parking Policies for Resurging Cities: An Atlanta Case Study." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Queen, Carly. "Urban Transit Mode Comparison and Selection." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Reasoner, Jane. "To Convert or Preserve? Urban Industrial Land's Big Question." 2016. Supervised by Bill Drummond. 

Reeves, William. "Activating the Alleys of Austin." 2016. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Riddell, Briana. "Blue Zones: Rethinking the American Landscape." 2016. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Risher, Matthew. "Identification of Strategies for a More Comprehensive Bicycle Planning Framework: Analysis through Case Studies and Recommendations for Atlanta." 2016. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Samarripas, Stefen. "Planning for Urban Health Access: Supporting Community Development & Healthcare Partnerships." 2016. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Sanker, Rishi Raghav. "Urban Tourism and Transportation: A Lesson For Atlanta." 2016. Supervised by Catherine Ross. 

Smith, Stephanie."An Evaluation of the Physical and Demographic Characteristics Contributing to On-Site Sewage Management System Failure in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia." 2016. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Snyder Kelly, Anna. "Artistic Infrastructure: Public Art Building Community around Transit in Atlanta." 2016. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Tatum, Kimberly. "Sea-Level Rise and Migration: Understanding Future Climate-Driven Population Movements to the Atlanta Region." 2016. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Woodworth, Erik. "Compact Urban Form in Small US Cities." 2016. Supervised by Michael Elliott.

Yanten, Angelica. "School Closures and Their Impact on Local Communities." 2016. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.



Anderson, Lindsay. “Long Walk to Nowhere: Strategies of Reducing Walk Distance.” 2015. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Ashdown, Marcus. “Alternative Intersection Design Strategies: How Georgia and the US are Changing Outdated Transportation Design Techniques.” 2015. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Auguin, Corentin. "Toward Financially Sustainable Public Transportation Systems-Type of Service Impacts on Cost Efficiency." 2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Bowman, Ryan. “Planning and Policy Implementation Strategies for Green Stormwater Best Management Practices in the Proctor Creek Watershed, Atlanta, Ga.” 2015. Supervised by Brian Stone.

Bustin, Allison. “Zoning For Obesity: Incorporating Context-Based Strategies For Improved Health In Municipal Zoning Codes.”2015. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Byars, Kristin. “Stream Daylighting: A Case Study of Saw Mill River and Rocky Branch.” 2015. Supervised by Bill Drummond.

Chang, Eileen. "Signals Through the Storm: A 120-Hour Plan for Municipal Communication to Low Income Communities Before, During, and After Hurricane Landfall." 2015. Supervised by Michael Elliott. 

Cook, Kirsten. “Planning Through the Shared Use of Resources: A Case Study of DeKalb County, Georgia.”2015. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Davis, Khaliff. “Can Pop-Up Shops Improve My Community? An Analysis of the Linkages between Tactical Urbanism and Community Development.”2015.  Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Giuffrida, Gregory. “Development and Design of University-based Innovation Districts.” 2015. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Grimes, Jennifer. “The Atlanta Beeline: Invertebrate Pollinator Corridor Suitability Analysis of the Metropolitan Atlanta Region.”2015. Supervised by Bill Drummond.

Guthart, Robert. “Analysis of Transportation Accessibility to Hospitals in Jacksonville, Florida.”2015. Supervised by Perry Yang.

Hamed, Thomas. "Predicting Demand for On-Street Parking Spaces in San Francisco with Land Use and Economic Factors." 2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Height, Bakari. “Daytime Train to Georgia: An Examination of the Feasibility of Commuter Rail In One of America's Most Congested Cities.” 2015. Supervised by Catherine Ross.

Hutchison, Alyssa. “Aerotropolis: Rethinking Atlanta's Airport Region.” 2015. Supervised by Michael Dobbins.

Ingram, Carlton. “An Infill Station in Atlanta: Evaluating a MARTA rail stop at Hulsey Yard.” 2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Karim, Soleen. "Improving Mobility for Immigrant and Refugee Settlements: A Study and Recommendation for Mobile Accessibility in Georgia Immigrant Neighborhoods." 2015. Supervised by Ellen Dunham-Jones.

Mingus, Charlene Deanne. “Bicyclist Perceived Level of Traffic Stress: A Quality-of-Service Measure.”2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Novsam, Jason. “The Decline and Asymmetrical Resurgence of American Transit: A Case Study of Seattle.”2015. Supervised by Tim Welch.

Perumbeti, Katherine. “An Assessment of Social and Health Equity in Atlanta Streets Alive Events.”2015. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Plante, Jessica. “LIHTC Developments in Atlanta and Neighborhood Effects.” 2015. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Revercomb, Catherine. “Strategy for Master Planning the Chattahoochee River.” 2015. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Rindge, Brianna. “Sustainable Development for Professional Sports Stadiums.”2015. Supervised by Bill Drummond.

Shields, Madelyn. “Women's Participation in Seattle's High-Tech Economy.”2015. Supervised by Anna Kim.

Thomas, Brian Eddie. “Utilizing the Franchise Business Model as a Tool for Sustainable Local Economic Development (SLED) in Low-Wealth Urban Business Districts: Recommendations for the Local Economic Developer's Toolbox.” 2015. Supervised by Nancey Green Leigh.

Vason, Elizabeth. “Howell Mill Community Improvement District Feasibility Analysis.” 2015. Supervised by Dan Immergluck.

Wilson, Katherine. “Aging in Place: Transportation and Housing Solutions that Work in the Atlanta Region.” 2015. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Yi, Li. "Using Social Media Data to Track Transitions of Atlanta Urban Area of Interest." 2015. Supervised by Tim Welch. 



Adams, Elizabeth. “A National Competition to Promote Youth Engagement.” 2014. Supervised by Nisha Botchwey.

Allen, Christopher. “Attractive Efficiency: The Emerging Energy Crisis & Strategies for Efficient Urban Design.” 2014. Supervised by Mike Dobbins.

Arnold, Jillian Skinner. “Racing the Rising Tide: Preparing for Sea-Level Rise along Georgia’s Coast.” 2014. Supervised by Brian Stone.

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